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In this particular area, I think Porto is going through what Lisbon went through… years ago. With its old riverside center designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its chefs picking up a growing constellation of Michelin stars, as well as its world-beating wines and vast stretches of sandy shore on its doorstep, Porto certainty has a lot to offer, but can it really challenge Lisbon as Europe's capital of cool? South of the Douro is the broad sandy shore of Espinho, further north is an almost unbroken string of beaches for every taste running up to the Spanish border, barely an hour away. I’ve lived in both these cities so they hold a special place in my heart. Legend has it that Porto got its taste for offal in 1415, when the city's patriotic inhabitants handed over all their meat to a Portuguese army off to war in Morocco, leaving themselves with just the offcuts. "There's all that history, but above all it's the people here, they are so welcoming. And in terms of beverages, Porto is famous for the Port wine and the caves you can visit right in the city. The view over the river, the colorful houses of Ribeira and the city rising up beyond is impressive at anytime; at sunset, it's unforgettable. Is it worth checking out the beach since it will be early Dec? In Lisbon, the best known is Alfama, spiritual home of Portugal's plaintive fado music, tumbling down to the Tagus. Let’s put the arguments of both sides in the table. It’s truly a fairytale place! Book tickets online for the FC Porto vs Sporting Lisbon match on 28/02/21 Sun 16:00 in the Portuguese Liga NOS right here. Answer 1 of 6: Hi, as being in initial stage of family trip planing, I am now considering 2 alternative itineraries for our first Portugal trip. It's not paved, there's garbage in certain place. While you can get cheap dorm beds from as low as 10EUR per night, overall some guesthouses and cheap hotels still feel a bit old and lack in some infrastructure. Second price was two weeks in Porto, all costs paid. Foz also contains some of Porto's poshest real estate, plus a collection of hip boutiques, cool bars and trendy restaurants. The nickname comes from the city's signature dish, tripas à moda do Porto: a mess of white beans fortified with pig's ear, calves' foot, cow's stomach (aka tripe) and a cartload of other chewy bits. Still, it is pretty much accepted throughout the country that people from the North are more friendly (the same happens in Game of Thrones, this must be a thing). That is definitely something in the crazy world of today. There’s no denying portuguese people are in general very welcoming and warming. Prices of food and goods in Portugalare the lowest in Western Europe, so it’s far from being a tough place to travel on a budget. Still, if someone pointed a gun to my head and made me choose, I’d go for Lisbon. Tunas are bands of student troubadours, clad in traditional black university capes who wander Portuguese cities playing guitars and singing folk tunes. It would give you a better grasp of the different traits of Portuguese culture. IMO this is one of the main reasons to visit Portugal, if you haven’t already. Heck, the entire country is! All of these are located in the heart of the city, with WiFi and a rating of 8 or higher! Campos and comrades of her all-girl troupe recommend the happening bars around Praça dos Leões and the ultra-hip Galerias de Paris area. They’re just my personal experience! (Photo by Paul Ames). After reading all the great reviews on Porto, should I do 2 nights each? Dabei zählen beide Städte, Lissabon und Porto, ohne Zweifel zu den schönsten Orten in Portugal. Answer 1 of 5: Hi, I will be flying into Porto from Rodez and have from Aug 12-16 in Portugal. Total cost of living in Lisbon for two person with average consumption for one month will be $ 948.05 vs $ 909.21 in Porto… FC Porto won … A steep uphill climb to Portas do Sol square is rewarded with a breathtaking view of Lisbon. Lisbon, on the other hand, is larger and needs longer to get to grips with its attractions. 3-3. Groceries Prices in … However, in general, Lisbon enjoys sunnier days and warmer temperatures than its northern sister so most surf travellers tend to go there. The building next to is completely falling apart. In paintwork, Alfama has lighter, more pastel shades, Ribeira prefers darker hues, and tiled facades. In Porto, all the years Porto has been numb for tourism have taken a toll in the accommodation offers. Basic wines are shipped down to the historic wine lodges in Gaia on the south bank where they are blended with brandy and left to ripen in bottles and barrels until they they reach their full grandeur. Join us on a 12-month journey to see them all, READ: Lisbon might be Europe's coolest city; here are 7 reasons why, MORE: A food guide to Europe's best-kept culinary secret, MORE: Here are some bookstores around the world you don't want to miss, READ: 20 of Europe's most beautiful hotels -- from Ireland to Greece, MORE: 6 resorts and hotels where the kids don't come, READ: 25 of the world's brightest, most colorful places. betting tip & odds comparison 23/12/20 FC Porto - Benfica Lissabon Betting Tip for matchday 0 of the 2020 Supertaça between FC Porto and SL Benfica. As mentioned earlier, the distance from Lisbon to Porto on train is 332 kilometers (about 206 miles in equivalent). By continue browsing, you give your consent to their use as stated in our, this list of the best accommodation in Porto, this list of quality hotels and guesthouses in Lisbon, 13 Things To Know Before Visiting Douro Valley, Portugal Road Trip: Itinerary & Planning Tips for 2021. The last traditional grocery store closed in 2016. Weitere Ideen zu lissabon, portugal lissabon, portugal. For a bite, she recommends the Casa Vasco: "It's a small place, that's always full all through the day, at lunch time, or after work, when people drop by for a drink. Unless you have a thing for packed beaches! (. On the wine experience its Porto that goes ahead. If note, here are some more articles to inspire you: Hope this article helped to make your decision! Decorated with a cinema theme, this hotel is located on a 1930’s art-deco building very close to the main square of Porto: Aliados. Opened in 1921, the Majestic is a classic Belle Epoque-style coffee house, that remains a must for anybody passing through Porto. Sporting CP faces FC Porto in a Portuguese Primeira Liga match at the Estadio Jose Alvalade in Lisbon, Portugal, on Saturday, October 17, 2020 … Souvenir stores and bars are mushrooming. That’s a wrap, hope you’ve made a decision by now. Plus, the district of Belém has enough highlights to keep you busy for a full day! Somehow they have that extra rush of flavor in your taste buds. Which option might fit better ( depending on season, costs related etc. ) Live score available for FC Porto vs Sporting Lissabon - 23.04.2016, free betting tips and picks, h2h – head to head comparison, rankings, results and advance Charmingly music-themed hotel, super close to the center. Porto boasts the art deco delights of the, "The Majestic is a fantastic place, there's no other café like it anywhere, everybody has to go there," he say while hawking his catch from a riverside shed. Port: Maybe the city's best gift to the (booze) world. You can find many palaces, castles and other historic monuments around the town center. Would love to hear where your vote goes to! "Visitors should definitely visit the wine cellars, they all offer tours and tastings. It’s definitely one of the highlights of Porto! This is probably the hardest one to decide because it’s highly dependent on your own travel persona. While summers are long in Portugal and you can expect good weather anywhere between May and October, make sure you avoid August. Indices Difference. PORTO’S NIGHTLIFE The revamped Porto nightlife scene is a perfect combination of the overflowing enthusiasm of its inhabitants for art and design and the frenetic rhythms of a vibrant and endless night. They’re just my personal experience! Local legend has it Harry Potter was born here -- the Majestic was a favorite of writer J.K. Rowling, when she worked as a teacher in Porto and began jotting down her first boy wizard story. Tickets starting from It’s the sort of place where hidden gems are pretty much everywhere. Oh it comes with this stunning rooftop swimming pool. "You still find these secret places that are absolutely extraordinarily beautiful that no one has bothered prettying up.". It is now in the point where people are questioning the long-term benefit of opening up so many hotels and hostels. Benfica and FC Porto.Originally, the term O Clássico only referred to games played in the league, but now tends to include matches that take place in other domestic competitions such as the Taça de Portugal, Taça da Liga and Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira. Lined by wooden walkways and cafés and restaurants, it's the perfect place to pass a lazy afternoon in the summer.". One thing I’ll say though is that dishes in Porto feel a tiny bit superior in seasoning to me. Lisbon's beaches stretch from the mouth of the Tangus to mainland Europe's most westerly point, near Sintra (in the picture). Xavier does have one other tip: "Oh, and they should also go to McDonald's, the one near City Hall, they should really check that out.". ? Don’t miss the codfish dishes – the best in the world – and all the pastry section, including the world-famous pastéis de nata! Porto is very close to some other worthy-to-see cities in Northern Portugal. If there's one dish to represent Porto, it's tripas à moda do Porto -- a stew of white beans, pig's ears, cow's stomach lining and other flavorful bits. Remarks You Must Read & Know Before Buying FC Porto vs Sporting Lisbon Tickets: Event date and time are subject to change - these changes are not connected to Football Ticket Net but to the official organizer - you are advised to check occasionally the correct date and time and make your personal arrangements for attending the match on the new date and time. These aren’t a result of any in-depth statistical analysis. Ribeira is more tightly packed, more intimate, perhaps even a bit claustrophobic, but Ribeira -- for the moment -- has an advantage. Quit frankly, I think both Lisbon and Porto are an absolute paradise for foodies. Visitors are rewarded for their aching legs by the sweeping views over the cityscapes from the upper reaches of those hills. Worth trying are the rabanadas, Porto's take on French toast: bread soaked in a rich egg custard, with cinnamon, lemon zest, nuts and sultanas. I was thinking of staying in Porto from Aug 12-14 and go to Lisbon from Aug 14-16...I would basically get a day and a half in each city. Built after 1755’s earthquake, Praca do Comercio is the grandest and brightest square of Lisbon. Lisbon has established itself as Europe's hippest city-trip destination over the past couple of years, but now it has a rival that's a little too close for comfort. We use cookies to improve your online experience. In the old Douro city the night sparkles, it’s magical and above all social. Ramisio's sells tripe, blood sausage and other offaly treats like chouriço sausage made from pork marinated in port wine. Home > City comparison > Lisbon vs Porto. It might shed some light from another perspective. Prices are rising as much as 20% per year (!) 1-1. The best way is by air. Although the length of the railroad between the cities is a little longer than the regular road, it’ll take more than one extra hour to cover this distance on bus or car compared to the high-speed train. As the capital, Lisbon is the most expensive place in Portugal with consumer prices around 10% higher than Porto. 0.54 millioner vs 0.54 millioner vs Of course, Lisbon is not exactly the sort of place where the young people are tucked up in front of the TV with a cup of cocoa at 10 p.m. The food is good, people are friendly. Porto has a lot of traditional little family restaurants to discover in the old quarter while Lisbon has a bigger choice of International Cuisine. Porto's gift to the booze world is altogether more noble. The history of direct confrontation played at this stage favors the home team, which in the last 6 matches won 4, drawn 1 and lost 1. Eating in any small restaurant is like going to eat at your mom’s! From Portas do Sol square you overlook the tiled rooftops of Alfama winding down to the Tagus. Lisbon's Tagus spreads out before the city, forming one of Europe's largest estuaries: a shimmering surface some 15 kilometers wide at its broadest point. Porto’s beaches are slightly easier to reach; for instance, the resort of Foz sits just within the city limits, where Rio Douro meets the ocean. Portuguese food is the true comfort food. Estimated cost of living in Lisbon vs in Porto for a month without rent . Consumer Prices in Lisbon are 1.47% higher than in Porto (without rent) Rent Prices in Lisbon are 24.30% higher than in Porto. Lisbon, Portugal Whether you go for the cobblestone art, the classic beach vacation, or the vibrant nightlife; many side with Lisbon in the Porto vs Lisbon debate. Check this list of the best accommodation in Porto I’ve put together to get you started. They share much in common, but are immediately distinguished by the raw material of their construction. A visit to the wine cellars of Gaia a great opportunity to educate yourself more about wine. "It's the same with the Livraria Lello [perhaps the world's most beautiful bookshop], there's nothing like that either." Porto’s centre is smaller and more compact, so if you are planning a long weekend this city is the perfect size. In Alfama, as in most of Lisbon, soft white limestone dominates. Porto However if you have less than one week available, you’ll have to make a decision. It’s also my favorite place in the city! The distance from Porto to Lisbon is 332 km (206 mi) and the high-speed Alfa Pendular bullet train ride takes as little as 2 and a half hours. Places to stay in both these cities pop up like mushrooms. Other possible destinations around Lisbon are the posh town of Cascais or the medieval village of Óbidos. Splendid old cafés form an essential part of the urban fabric of Lisbon and Porto. Both cities sit on mighty rivers rushing towards the Atlantic Ocean after flowing west from sources in distant Spanish highlands. ", Late risers can always sample Matosinhos' seafood over lunch, the ocean-front suburb is packed with superlative marisqueiras (seafood restaurants. Its old neighborhoods cling to the slopes and look down on a flotilla of barcos rabelos -- high-prowed longboats that once carried kegs of wine down from upriver vineyards and now bob decoratively in the stream. In Lisbon, there are countless viewpoints, or miradouros. The game will be played at unknown on the 23.12.2020 at 21:45. An old fishing shop-turned-canned fish bar, Sol e Pesca is one of the traditional bars at Cais do Sodré in Lisbon. It served as a dissident meeting place during Portugal's long dictatorship. Climbing the 76-meter (250-foot) baroque tower of the Clérigos Church is another way to get a great view of Porto, but author Richard Zimler, a New York-born tripeiro, prefers a more discreet view. Even strangers are able to speak to you like they’ve known you all your life. Undiscovered by many tourists, Foz boasts a collection of hip boutiques, cool bars and trendy restaurants. Entweder Lissabon oder Porto. Lisbonites, on the other hand, are called alfacinhas -- little lettuces -- supposedly after the cries of hawkers selling freshly cut vegetables from market gardens that surrounded the capital. We've got the river, the sea, the beaches, great shops and restaurants. That would be four days. Porto has awakened for tourism much later and it shows. Porto is 310km to the north of Lisbon, and the journey takes approximately 2.5-3.5 hours by public transport. For more photos of Porto, see our post here. Vibe. FC Porto SL Benfica live score (and video online live stream*) starts on 23 Dec 2020 at 20:45 UTC time in Supertaça - Portugal. If you’re a beach person, there are a ton of quality beaches near the capital to work on your tan. The tourism infrastructure is more mature and the opportunities for sights, tours, and experiences are in higher number (and quality?). The historical cities of Braga and Guimarães are easily reachable by train or bus. It's crisscrossed by little orange commuter ferries, has colonies of flamingos grazing on the far bank and reflects the sun's rays to give the capital its milky white light. The party scene in bar-backed neighborhoods like Bairro Alto and Cais do Sodré, and riverside clubs like Luz and Urban Beach are magnets for night owls from around Europe. PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA/AFP/AFP/Getty Images. Moderate 51.33: Worries home broken and things stolen: Low 31.82: Low 22.64: Worries being mugged or robbed Porto: If the one-way metro ticket prices didn’t tip you off, Porto is generally cheaper than Lisbon — except for flight costs. You can’t go wrong with these. 25.07.2016 - Erkunde Denise Boss Pinnwand „Porto & Lisboa“ auf Pinterest. "Everybody goes there," says Campos. You may also feel a more close experience with natives in Porto than in Lisbon, but not necessarily. (. "There is a miradouro, at the end of the rua São Bento da Vitoria in the center of what was once the old Jewish quarter," says Zimler, who has lived 27 years in his adopted city. #lisboa #lisboa2016 #, Uma foto publicada por BRUN (@bruno_mb) a Abr 16, 2016 às 4:18 PDT. Lisbon and Porto are very well served by airline connections from all over Europe and also from the U.S., South America, and Africa. ), "The nightlife is amazing here. Similar changes are coming to Ribeira, but it retains more of its edgy authenticity. (Photo by Município do Porto, CC BY-NC-SA). Across the river is the 20-kilometer (12-mile) curve of soft sand of Costa da Caparica and the golden crescents of soft sand cut in to the Arrábida hills. Tripeiros will say that the food habits reflect the cities' contrasting styles: Porto is solid, no-nonsense, hardworking; Lisbon, laid-back, decadent and vain. It's open from 7 a.m. to 4 a.m. (Café Piolho, Praça de Parada Leitão 45, 4050-011 Porto, +351 22 200 3749). There's a perfect beach for every week of the year. The capital has the advantage on this one, just because the offer is bigger. "Foz is an area that not so many tourists come to, they tend to stay in the center, but it's beautiful here. The whole of downtown is spread out below the terrace in front of the Graça church, or its counterpart on the opposite hill, São Pedro de Alcântara. Whether was during the months I lived there or in all my trips afterward, Porto always made me feel at home. Porto also has extra points because of the wine (obviously) and one of the most caloric dishes that exist on this planet: Francesinha! Take Rui Reininho, Portuguese rock superstar and front man with the legendary Porto band GNR. Porto's is Ribeira, clinging to the steep north bank of the Douro. Lodging, activities, transportation, food, and drink all cost less here than in Lisbon, though growing tourism to Porto may cause an increase in sticker prices. "Porto is small and compact, you can walk or bike everywhere. (Rui Morais de Sousa/Turismo de Portugal). "You need to get up early, it starts at about 5 a.m., but if you're a foodie it's a morning well spent. Naturally, she has opinions on where to eat well in Ribeira, recommending the riverside Filha da Mãe Preta and D. Tonho restaurants. Its strips of sand interspersed with rocky outcrops running north beyond the promenade are among Portugal's best urban beaches. Both cities are close to the Atlantic Ocean and are blessed with beautiful beaches that are just a few miles away. Portugal's second-city, Porto, is giving the capital a run for its money as. Whether is the downtown – including the Baixa district or the charming Alfama neighborhood there’s a lot going on. With bright yellow trams winding their way through curvy tree-lined streets, Lisbon residents stroll through the old quarters, much as … These aren’t a result of any in-depth statistical analysis. To give you a better idea of the prices we are talking about, take a look at the table below. It contains the average prices of some items, as per 2016. The atmosphere is really special.". As the capital, Lisbon feels much more busy, with a lot more happening than Porto. "I really like it here," says Bocharova, out shopping with her family. 3-2. The historic cores of both cities comprise a plurality of medieval neighborhoods complete with winding alleys, flaking ochre facades and little squares overlooked by ancient churches. In this common Games the Teams scored a average of 3.2 Goals per Match.! Both were built on hills rising up sharply from their rivers. The green hills around add to the charming and quaint atmosphere of it all. The people of Porto are affectionately known as tripeiros -- roughly tripe-eaters. Answer 1 of 5: We will be travelling to Portugal in September and only have 1 week and want to spend most of it in the Algarve. Driving is the fastest option, but the toll road network is comparatively expensive, and the toll roads use an overly complicated automated system for collecting fees. It's made from grapes grown up on the Douro wine region, a magnificent, UNESCO World Heritage site, made up of terraced slopes rising up from the meandering river, that starts about an hour upstream from Porto. To make your life easier, start your search with my pre-selection of the best hostels/hotels/guesthouses/villas: These include only accommodations with great-to-excellent rating and a good free WiFi . Porto definitely feels more authentic. I'm here to stay.". Vacation rentals are pushing out the locals who gave the district its color. A very old joke: a Lisbon newspaper organized a contest. As you can see, Portohas the upper ha… So says Teresa Campos, student of nutrition at the University of Porto, as she takes a break from entertaining passersby as part of her tuna. Paul Ames is a freelance journalist based in Lisbon. Considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the best way to enjoy its scenic views is by taking one of the many daily river cruises. And the thing that is amazing about it, and that only could exist in Porto, is that nobody has fixed it up, it's a mess. FC Porto vs. Benfica Free Live Online Streaming Details Porto and Benfica face off at Dragon Stadium in a match of the 10th round of Liga Sagres. Answer 1 of 4: I'm going to be in Lisbon 11/30 for 3 nights and was only going to stay in Porto for 1 night. "It's the people that makes Porto special," says Sara Figueiredo, selling designer jewelry and locally crafted soaps in the gift shop of Porto's uber-trendy Serralves arts center. 55 points. If you are more of the exploring type with a thing for the hip and alternative I’d go for Porto. The train is well-equipped and offers modern amenities and onboard comfort all the way from Porto Portugal to Lisbon. If you are looking for an eclectic and sunny place to keep you entertained for some days or you’re just seeking some quality beach time too, there’s no better choice than Lisbon. From that one vantage point you can see the river, the wine houses, the barcos rabelos, and if you look to the left, you can see the cathedral and the upper town of Porto. 3.5°C højere gennemsnitstemperatur. Reply Lisbon vs Porto: Exploring Portugal's Top Two Cities February 13, 2018 at 12:03 am […] I Bridge. and most of the times, it’s taking away housing opportunities for locals. Here on SofaScore livescore you can find all FC Porto vs SL Benfica previous results sorted by their H2H matches. "It's a view that takes everybody's breath away. Both Porto and Lisbon are blessed with their proximity to miles and miles of Atlantic-splashed sand. They should come out here," says Marta Marques, who designs children's fashion for the Foz-based Piupiuchick brand. As you can see, Porto has the upper hand here again. The capital's beach life starts at the mouth of the Tagus, stretches around the tony resort of Cascais, up to the blustery coves of mainland Europe's most westerly point near Sintra and the surfer hideouts further north. Lisbon is not inferior in terms of daytrips. ", Figueiredo knows her tripe -- her tip for a hearty helping is the Adega do Olho, a backstreet dive devoted to old-school Porto cooking, where a plate-load of tripas will set you back 3.50 euros ($4).

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