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The photo led me to think it could be my wedding dress, but I wouldn't be caught dead in this thing, on any occasion. Unfortunately, Poshmark does not let a buyer create one bundle from different sellers. Sellers are always looking for a bargain so remember that even if you were thrifting and ecstatic that you paid 25% off a designer good it isnt always going to be the same care for your potential buyers. If so, in your Poshmark app on the bottom right side, there is a bell icon called news. If you click on it, you can scroll down until you see the notification about the comment on an item. My items were already priced pretty low, like low-low (a few were $4 already), and I countered with a $50 offer, but is that too high? Question for youI offer a 10% off discount for 3 or more items. Hi Jewels, you can also say in the items description that the price is firm. Follow these simple steps: Go to Account Tab > My Seller Tools > My Seller Discount > Bundle Discount on my listings. Sometimes I have 10 likes, I sent offers to them but nobody bought it, then, to liker number 11 I want to offer a bundle so the other 10 likers dont see it//Is this okay? How To Personalize Special/Private Bundle Discount Offers: When you get the notification that a potential buyer has added an item (or items) in your Poshmark closet to a bundle, you can send them a personalized/special bundle discount offer. Heres my tip to make buyers happy with reduced shipping that doesnt take out of your pocket. A buyer comes to your Poshmark closet, likes two items and adds them both to their bundle. Bundles also allow you the chance to send a buyer a private offer that can include a shipping discount . Some might even hit back by responding with something mean about how these lowballers are wasting their time and being unfair with their low price. , This is so sweet and I am SO happy to hear that!! Gabriella, Hey ! Im having a difficult time understanding this process. Ridiculous set of rules. If you have any other questions feel free to email support@poshmark.com. I summited the wrong number once and it was a huge mistake, but I didnt know hot to cancel then my buyer accepted, so I needed to ship it. I hope that makes sense! And how can it help you bring in sales? So strange! The Poshmark platform is constantly evolving to accommodate more features to make the posher's purchase experience as seamless as possible. What does this mean for these binding offers? I'm selling a skirt and I noticed that another posher was or is selling the same skirt but listed it quite a while ago. Question. Im smiling hearing that youre also obsessed with Poshmark it happens so quickly!! You are doing everything correctly, its just that they might not have known that purchases made at separate times (whether in a bundle or not) will result in numerous orders. OF COURSE! And then she liked a couple other items in my closet, but she didnt really make a bundle, as she only added one item. Make the sign something bold and visually appealing its all about how your market it! Picture This: If a user is going through your Poshmark closet and liking an item or (perhaps lots of items) but not adding them to a bundle, wouldnt you want to let them know youre open to offers? Click the share button on the item they liked and instead of sharing it like normal, type in the users name. Its up to you, but keep in mind that comments in a listing will continue to remain public. Now that weve gone over the Poshmark etiquette when it comes to creating offers. Repeat step 2 until all of the items you want to buy are included in your bundle. Make an offer is a great tool..so much better than the constant public haggling from the lowballers. This will share the sign you created directly into their closet. I feel I have lost so many sales because they only put one item in their bundle! Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Up to you! Answer questions. Hi Donna, Im so happy to hear that this post was helpful for you thank you so much!! $7.97 FREE Expedited (1-3 day) Shipping on orders over $500! What's the best thing to do as a seller? Tadaaaaah! Poshmark tracks each order by the label, so orders have to be sent with the items they purchased in a transaction and with the accompanying shipping label. If you want to download these already made ~ and for free ~ Ive created 10+ different Bundle Signs for Poshmark users to add to their own closets! Once youre in a free design creator, decide what kind of message you what to get across to your buyer. I bundle and send offers alllll The time and make tons of sales. I hope youre great and my sincere apologies for the delay! If you feel confident enough and that its warranted you share your sign (dont be spammy with it! Now for some reason I am not able to share or post anything on my store?? You can access the images by filling in the pop-up for them on either of my Poshmark blog post pages. Keep this in mind to make reasonable discounts for not only your buyer but for you too! Basically, the Golden rule. Now buyers dont have to ask what your lowest is and have that on your comments list for everyone to hold you to! If you accept an offer, payment will be processed immediately and Poshmark will send you a shipping label. A Posh Bundle allows for a buyer to purchase multiple listings from the same closet. How to i remove the sold sign to make it so she can rebuy it? So if they offer me $40 and I accept, is that means am getting le$$ than 40 and is shipping and poshmark fees will be deducted on that $40. Hi Lisa, Im so glad to hear my article was super useful to you thank you! If Poshmark won't give me a refund, how do I let other buyers know that the quality of this store's items is not what they represent. Hello! Accepting or counteroffering takes one click and payment is processed immediately! Description: In good used condition some has little wear please view all Photos some are older and some Are newer.. Sold by kondema. You can accept, counter or decline an offer or counteroffer. Poshmark is a marketplace for buying and selling clothes as it is a community that can be linked to social media platforms. Happy Poshing!" Hi Jami, there is the offer link next to the buy now button. Hi Iesha, you can cancel your offer before a seller accepts. If you are trying to earn maximum profit, this is important to factor into your fees.. Hi Pamela, thank you so much for leaving this comment! Hi Melissa, please reach out to support@poshmark.com and someone can help you directly. Yes, thats exactly how it works. As a buyer, am I able to bundle from different sellers? If so, you will have to use two separateshipping labels and boxes because each order is different. What are my options when I receive an offer (or counteroffer)? . Thank you for this article! 2. I understand the process better and will create Bundle signs for my closet. Banking services provided by Piermont Bank, Member FDIC. Did the first person you sent the bundle offer to end up accepting it or did it go to the second? It's easy to do with Bundles! It's really easy to be nice. Id love to serve as a resource for any other questions or topics on Poshmark you want to learn more details about feel free to ask! Ive sent messages in the past, but I dont really feel they do much. "Thanks for your interest. Since many sellers dont tend to their closets as closely as they should, I would hate to have to hold off on buying another persons item because I have an offer out on similar item that isnt being responded to! It could be their way of letting you know they are super interested instead of just liking it. Can more than one buyer make an offer at the same time? I mentioned my intent was not to pressure, but to let them know someone else was interested (that really is my intent! Bundling did take more time than other areas of the app for me to understand; however, after a few searches into How Bundling Works, I found your site, and this article, and it has made the entire process so much clearer. Please let me know if that helps answer your question, but you were spot on about how it works! Being new, someone may have been seeing how low you would go. Go ahead and shop until youve found everything you want to purchase. Is there a kind way to suggest to buyer if they don't like your offer to counter or decline? Ale me every once in awhile at go check on my baby or something all because I receive her order and commented on her post asking her why didn't she tell me it was in the the condition it was in and if you can make it right in some way shape or fashion, Anyone come across anyone unwilling to share how much they paid for something? I prefer to just shop quietly and not interact with sellers until I ask a question. I'm so annoyed by being misled. You can easily create a bundle discount sign for free in Canva. It will take you to where the user left you a note. To make it easier, perhaps write down their username in a note on your phone, copy it, and then for each item that you share with them, you can easily paste their name into the search bar. I love the Make An Offer button! This sign will be added to your closet like a regular item, except it will not be for sale. For more money and contradicting the review they left. You could let them know via this method as well. That is my thinking about it. That's a lot of people! The names List Perfectly, Vendoo, Crosslist, Poshmark, Tradesy, Mercari, Depop, Grailed, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Kidizen, and Etsy, as well as related names, marks, emblems and images are registered trademarks of their respective owners. Please let me know either way Id love to be a continuous resource for you on your Poshmark journey. Is this how its supposed to go or am I doing something wrong. I have definitely been putting the time into learning how Poshmark REALLY works. Let me know if you have more questions or this works for you fingers crossed! Give it a try and sign up for a free 14-day trial. Ive found that when a user is looking to purchase, they will be very actively trying to let you know by shopping around in your closet. It shows respect to the potential buyer and as a seller, you are also expressing your gratitude for them browsing your Poshmark closet. on Sellers: What Make An Offer Means For You + FAQs, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Sellers: What Make An Offer Means For You + FAQs, Introducing Posh Ambassador II: A New PA Level, Poshmark Canada Turns Three, a Report by Poshmark, Poshmark Canada Turns Two, a Report by Poshmark, Poshmark Canada Turns One, a Report by Poshmark, Seller not responding to offer on Poshmark? Happy to clarify how anything else works! Select My Bundles at the top of any page. i.e. you have about Poshmark. I appreciate the help you provided me! I do have a question??? If you list an item for $72 and someone offers you $20 that's an insult. Usually I check their account to see if theyve left love notes and the price range they buy at as well as if they mention bundles - you can also see if other sellers commented on their MTP (meet the posher) photo which is typically a photo of themselves. Thank you.

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